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BioBlitz - 2016


The 2016 BioBlitz was conducted on April 23 of this year. The Department of Conservation and Recreation, in partnership with the National Geographic Society and the Virginia Master Naturalists, conducted field work on a 75 acre section of the park. Results from that study are included on the Nature Guide below.




During the 2016 Sky Meadows State Park BioBlitz, the following information was obtained.


Most observations were on the species level; however, some observations were on the genus or family level.


Category                                Species      Genera/Families

Trees                                          18                       4

Shrubs                                          5

Vines                                            3

Forbs/Herbs                               27                        7

Grass                                           2

Birds                                          36

Mammals                                                                1

Reptiles                                       2

Amphibians                                 5                          1

Butterflies                                    8

Bees                                             1                          4

Spiders                                         1                          1

Insects                                          2                        16

Crustaceans                                                              1

Miscellaneous                                                          3






Common Name                     Scientific Name              Comments

American beech 2                   Fagus grandifolia        

American elm 1                      Ulmus americana        

ash 1                                       Fraxinus spp.                    Based on description, possibly

                                                                                         black ash (Fraximus nigra).

black walnut 1                        Juglans nigra   

boxelder 1                              Acer negundo 

bristly locust                           Robinia hispida                Not previously recorded in Sky

                                                                                         Meadows State Park nor listed

                                                                                         as occurring in Facquier County

                                                                                         by the Atlas of Virginia Flora.

cherry 1                                   Prunus spp.                      Possibly sweet cherry (Prunus

                                                                                         avium) or black cherry (Prunus


common persimmon 3            Diospyros virginiana   

flowering dogwood 5             Cornus florida

hackberry 1                             Celtis occidentalis       

hawthorn 2                              Crataegus spp.                 One hawthorn sighting was for

                                                                                         black hawthorn (Crataegus

                                                                                         douglasi). Black hawthorn is

                                                                                         not recorded as existing in any

                                                                                         state in the eastern United

                                                                                         States based on the U.S.D.A.’s

                                                                                         PLANT S database).   

mockernut hickory 1              Carya tomentosa         

northern red oak 1                  Quercus rubra 

pawpaw 3                               Asimina triloba           

pignut hickory 1                     Carya glabra   

red maple 1                             Acer rubrum   

redbud 1                                 Cercis canadensis       

shagbark hickory 1                 Carya ovata    

southern red oak 1                  Quercus falcate           

tulip poplar 2                          Liriodendron tulipifera

viburnum 1                             Viburnum spp.                 Possibly blackhaw (Viburnum


white oak 1                             Quercus alba


*Number after common name indicates number of sightings.




Common Name                     Scientific Name              Comments

blackhaw                                Viburnum prunifolium

blackberry                              Rubus allegheniensis  

Japanese barberry                  Berberis thunbergii     

northern lowbush blueberry  Vaccinium angustifolium        

wineberry                               Rubus phoenicolasius 




Common Name                     Scientific Name              Comments

eastern poison ivy                  Toxicdenron radicans 

Japanese honeysuckle            Lonicera japonica       

Virginia creeper                     Parthenocissus quinquefolia   




Common Name                     Scientific Name              Comments

bulbous buttercup                   Ranunculus bulbosus  

Carolina spring beauty           Claytonia caroliniana

chickweed                              Stellaria spp.   

cinquefoil                               Potentilla spp.                   Probably either rough-fruited

                                                                                         cinquefoil (Potentilla recta) or

                                                                                         dwarf cinquefoil (Potentilla


cleavers                                  Galium aparine           

common chickweed               Stellaria media

common dandelion                 Taraxacum officinale 

common milkweed                 Asclepias syriaca        

common mullen                     Verbascum thapsus     

corn speedwell                       Veronica arvensis

cutleaved toothwort               Cardamine concatenata           

European stinging nettle        Urtica dioica   

garlic mustard                        Alliaria petiolata         

Indian strawberry                   Duchesnea indica       

jack-in-the-pulpit                   Arisaema triphyllum   

jewelweed                              Impatiens spp.                   Probably spotted jewelweed

                                                                                         (Impatiens capensis).

jumpseed                                Persicaria virginianum

littleleaf buttercup                  Ranunculus abortivus 

mayapple                                Podophyllum peltatum

milkweed                               Asclepias spp.                   Possibly common milkweed

                                                                                         (Asclepias syriaca); however,

                                                                                         could also be one of several

                                                                                         other milkweeds.    

mock strawberry                    Duchesnea indica              Generally referred to as Indian


pokeweed                               Phytolacca americana 

purple deadnettle                    Lamium purpureum    

skunk cabbage                        Symplocarpus foetidus           

spring beauty                          Claytonia virginica      

star chickweed                        Stellaria pubera

strawberry                              Duchesnea spp.                 Described as “alien straw-

                                                                                         berry”; probably Indian

                                                                                         strawberry (Duchesnea


strawberry                              Duchesnea spp. or             Probably either Virginia

                                               Fragaria spp.                     strawberry (Fragaria virginiana)

                                                                                         or Indian strawberry

                                                                                         (Duchesnea india).

troutlily                                  Erythronium americanum       

violets                                     Viola spp.                         At least three species were

                                                                                         identified by color (blue,

                                                                                         yellow, and white);

                                                                                         possibly common blue violet

                                                                                         (Viola sororia), “downy”

                                                                                         yellow violet

                                                                                         (Viola pubescens), and striped

                                                                                         cream violet (Viola strata).

violet wood sorrel                  Oxalis violacea           

wild garlic                              Allium vineale            

yellow corydalis                     Corydalis favula

yellow violet                          Viola pubescens




Common Name                     Scientific Name              Comments

Japanese stiltgrass                  Microstegium vimineum

switchgrass                             Panicum virgatum




Common Name                     Scientific Name              Comments

American crow 2                    Corvus brachyrhynchos

American goldfinch 1             Carduelis tristis

American robin 2                    Turdus migratorius

black vulture 1                        Coragyps atratus

blue jay 3                                Cyanocitta cristata

brown thrasher 1                     Toxostoma rufum

brownheaded cowbird 1         Molothrus ater

Carolina chickadee 1              Poecile cardlinensis

Carolina wren 2                      Thryothorus ludovicianus

chipping sparrow 1                 Spizella passerina

common yellowthroat 1         Geothlypis trichas

downy woopecker 1               Picoides pubescens

eastern bluebird 2                   Sialia sialis

eastern phoebe 1                     Sayornis phoebe

European starling 2                 Sturnus vulgaris

field sparrow 2                        Spizella pusilla

fish crow 1                              Corvus ossifragus

indigo bunting 1                     Passerina cyanea

mourning dove 1                    Zenaida macroura

northern cardinal 4                 Cardinalis cardinalis

northern flicker 2                    Colaptes auratus

northern mocking bird 3         Mimus polyglottos

pileated woodpecker 1            Dryocopus pileatus

redbellied woodpecker 2        Melanerpes carolinus

redheaded woodpecker 5        Melanerpes erythrocephalus

redtailed hawk 1                     Buteo jamaicensis

redwinged blackbird 1            Agelaius phoeniceus

rubycrowned kinglet 1            Regulus calendula

song sparrow 1                        Melospiza melodia

tree swallow 1                         Tachycimeta bicolor

tufted titmouse 2                     Baeolophus bicolor

turkey vulture 3                      Cathartes aura

whitebreasted nuthatch 1        Sitta carolinensis

whitethroated sparrow 2         Zonotrichia albicollis

wood thrush 1                         Hylocichla mustelina

yellowrumped warbler 2         Dendroica coronata


*Number after common name indicates number of sightngs.



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Common Name                     Scientific Name              Comments

skunk                                      Mephitis spp. or               Probably either striped skunk

                                                Spilogale spp.                  Mephitis mephitis mephitis or

                                                                                         eastern spotted skunk

                                                                                         (Spilogale putorius putorius).



Common Name                     Scientific Name              Comments

eastern garter snake                Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis

eastern box turtle                    Terrapene carolina carolina




Common Name                     Scientific Name              Comments

eastern redbacked                   Plethodon cinereus


eastern American toad            Anaxyrus americanus americanus

northern green frog                 Lithobates clamitans melanota

northern twolined                   Eurycea bislineata


tree frog                                  Hylidae spp.                    Possibly one of several tree

                                                                                         frogs found in region.

wood frog                               Lithobates sylvaticus




Common Name                     Scientific Name              Comments

black swallowtail 1                 Papilio polyxenes

cabbage white 4                      Pieris rapae

eastern tiger swallowtail 3      Papilio glaucus

meadow fritillary 1                 Boloria bellona

pearl crescent 2                       Phyciodes tharos

spicebush swallowtail 1          Papilio troilus

spring azure 1                         Celastrina “ladon”

zebra swallow 1                      Eurytides marcellus


*Number after common name indicates the number of sightings.




Common Name                     Scientific Name              Comments

bumblebee                              Bombus spp.

eastern carpenter bee              Xylocopa virginica

honeybee                                Apis spp.                          Probably European honey bee

                                                                                         (Apis mellifera), the only Apis

                                                                                         species identified as occurring

                                                                                         in Sky Meadows State Park.

“large” carpenter bee              Xylocopa spp.                  Possibly eastern carpenter bee

                                                                                         (Xylocopa virginica).

mining bee                              Andrena spp.




Common Name                     Scientific Name              Comments

daddy long-legs                       Pholcus spp.                    Probaby Pholcus phalangioides.

water spider                             Argyroneta aquatica




Common Name                     Scientific Name              Comments

bee-flies                                  Bombylius spp.                Probably large bee-fly

                                                                                         (Bombylius major).

blacklegged tick                     Ixodes scapularis

blackflies 2                             Simulium spp.

caddisflies 46                         Trichoptera spp.                Includes  eleven caddisflies in

                                                                                         larva state (casemaker).

clubtail dragonfly 1                Gomphidae spp.

common stoneflies 10            Perlidae spp.

common wasp                        Vespula vulgaris

dobsonflies                             Corydalidae spp.

dragonfly 1                             Anisoptera spp.

finger-net caddisflies 2           Philopotamidae spp.

lightning bug                          Lampyridae spp.

mayflies 48                             Ephemeroptera spp.

non-biting midge flies 6         Chironomidae spp.           The Chironomidae family is

                                                                                         often called “blind mosquitoes”.

riffle beetles 3                         Elmidae spp.

stoneflies 306                          Plecoptera spp.

true flies 7                               Diptera spp

trumpet-net/tube-making        Polycentropodidae spp.

   caddisflies 24

water-penny beetles 4             Psephenidae spp.


*Number after common name indicates the number of sightings.




Common Name                     Scientific Name              Comments

crayfish 2                                Cambarus spp.                 Probably Genus Cambarus;

                                                                                         however, species of  “crayfish”

                                                                                         of genera Orconectes and

                                                                                         Fallicambarus are also found in



*Number after common name indicates the number of sightings.




Common Name                     Scientific Name              Comments

aquatic worm 1                       Oligochaeta spp.

hypoxylon canker                   Hypoxylon spp.               Hypoxylon is a genus of fungus.

leech                                       Hirudinea spp.


*Number after common name indicates the number of sightings.



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